Following our latest project in Brazil, “Onda Carioca” in Rio de Janeiro, it is a pleasure being part of Modernos Eternos! We believe that the creation of architecture and design should not be limited by conventional instruments, but expanded through a multidisciplinary approach. The terms “sculpture” and “automotive design” are common in our everyday language and influence our way of thinking. We pay special attention to the continuing evolution of technology and planning methodology. Our extensive experience in parametric (100% BIM as Revit and others) design combined with different modelling environments and within various industries means we are able to govern and refine the most complex geometries. We can, therefore, offer clients a unique design, with the enhanced ability to illustrate each stage as it evolves while simultaneously keeping tight control over the whole project. Rome I Israel I Brazil. + 39 340 0795 381 (WhatsApp)

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